Reality Project works to address sexual brokenness in the lives of young people by presenting a counter-cultural message rooted in the Image of God.

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About The Reality Project

Sexual brokenness is the root cause of abortion. The Reality Project works to address sexual brokenness in the lives of young people by presenting a counter-cultural message rooted in the Image of God. We give a dynamic, hilarious and thought provoking presentation that is intended to lead students on a journey of discovery as to the nature of true sacrificial love, healthy relationships and life-giving sexuality.

We have the incredible opportunity to speak to over 5,500 students every year in public and private high schools throughout tri-county Portland. We have presented a message of sexual integrity to over 200,000 students since this program began. Year after year, teachers invite us back into their classrooms because we have developed a relationship of trust and respect.

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Growing Up Is Hard 

I had been in and out of foster care and the system since I was seven. I moved to a small town several years later where I got involved with the wrong crowd. I started drinking, smoking and having sex.

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“I’ve been in a relationship with a boy for over a year now. We’d fooled around in the past, but we’d always been on the line about beginning to have sex. After the first day of your presentation, I decided I would sit him down and have a serious talk about what we wanted. After the third presentation, I decided I wanted to stop all sexual activities. I was a little nervous, but I knew that if our relationship was right, then he would respect my decision. He did, and I am so glad that we took that step.”-
“It helped me better understand and grasp what sex is for and what it really means without being condescending or overly simple.”-
“The presenter was really funny and engaging. He challenged my opinions without giving the usual ‘sex is bad don’t do it’ sort of speech. He gave different perspectives on reasons you should wait, other than physical ones. He wasn’t hypocritical…he was easy to talk to.”-

Meet McKenzie

McKenzie has lived in Oregon her whole life and completed her Bachelors of Science in Children,  Youth and Family Studies at Portland State University. She is passionate about working with, helping, and encouraging youth in any way possible. She spends most of her free time either adventuring outside in beautiful Oregon, singing, dancing or hanging out with her 3 year old black lab rescue pup, Cerberus.


The opportunity to engage in conversations with high school students regarding healthy sexuality and loving relationships continues to be an eye-opening experience for McKenzie and she is thankful for the opportunity to facilitate healthy conversation about these topics. She believes that it is crucial for students to have a space to have open and honest conversation about these topics so they can begin to think more critically about their choices. At the public schools we use research and lived experience to encourage a deeper understanding and to share truth, so that these students can begin to feel positive and hopeful about themselves, their relationships, and their future.


Besides speaking in public schools, we love the opportunities we get to speak in youth groups and churches. In this setting we are able to have honest conversations, share research and truth, and we also get to share God’s story of creation and the revealing of God’s image, especially when it comes to sex and sexuality.


McKenzie hopes to develop this vision further and to find more ways to empower the surrounding Christian community to take part in this life-giving endeavor. If you want to get in touch with her, contact her at [email protected].

The Parent Forum

Are you a parent or involved in the lives of young people? Do you find addressing sexuality and relationships in your home or with the young people in your life difficult?

The Parent Forum is a half-day workshop that brings parents together to wrestle with the issues related to sexuality in the lives of young people. It’s a frank, open conversation led by The Reality Project team that facilitates parent to parent interaction with the goal of helping parents create healthier sexual cultures within the home that are rooted in God’s story about sex and relationships.

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