Heart exists to provide a place for people to experience forgiveness and healing from past abortions.

About Heart

Many women in our families, churches, and the community at large, have had abortions and are struggling. We want them to know they are not alone. Because so many men and women have had an abortion, chances are there are people that you encounter every day who have had that experience.

The emotions that can follow an abortion often get pushed down and set aside to be dealt with another time, or in the hope that they will go away on their own. The reality is that they are likely to resurface and cause pain and frustration in ways that are unexpected.

We at First Image offer the hope of Jesus to those who have participated in abortion through Heart.

Heart is a biblically based recovery group for women who have been affected by an abortion decision. We have seen the lives of many women transformed through these groups over decades. Women come together in community on their journey of healing, are comforted by each other, and can come to know the healing, grace, and forgiveness Christ offers.

It is our prayer that every woman that participates leaves with greater hope and peace in Jesus than when they first came in.

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We Can Be Brave Together: A Heart Testimony

When I was nineteen, I got pregnant and had my first abortion. Like the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4:17, I had been with many men and I wasn’t sure who the father was. Hoping it was the truth, I told my high school boyfriend that he was the father and he took me to get an abortion.

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Find Out More

Are you ready to find out more?  Please call us anytime on our confidential voicemail 503-22-HEART or the Heart Director at 503-256-0808 x124.

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Find a Group

Please call our confidential voicemail where you can leave a message and receive a call back with more information about local groups and how to sign up. 503-224-3278 or 503-22-HEART.

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Testimonies of Impact

“The Heart program allowed me to deal with the hard things I tried to avoid because it hurt so much to go there.”-
“I am so blown away by the release I have experienced and live in today because of what God did through Heart. I look forward to sharing with others what the Lord has given me through this experience and healing.-
“Jesus has reached the most untouchable places of my brokenness and need through the Heart program. I really don’t have many words except I am redeemed in the name of Jesus. Wow! I have been truly and thoroughly redeemed and set free. He’s forgiven me and I am healed. He has made me whole.”-
“I will never be the same. I feel the bottom layer of my sin has been washed away and taken the layers of pain with it. Going through the Heart bible study and learning about God’s character has given me the ability to believe that I am now cleansed. I am now more loving and forgiving.”-