About First Image

Compassion toward those who are vulnerable, voiceless, or misled.

We Are First Image

First Image has been working to live out God’s heart to renew his image in the lives of those that have been impacted by sexual brokenness and abortion for over 30 years.

We believe that God’s people are at their best when they respond with compassion toward those who are vulnerable, voiceless, or misled. We believe God has called us to serve the women in our city facing unplanned pregnancies, the children they carry, students who are in desperate need of transformation in their relationships and sexuality, and men and women burdened by the pain of past abortion.

In the midst of issues as politicized as abortion and sexuality, we are convinced that in order to be a faithful witness of Christ in the world, we must be present with the people that are being impacted and love them.

Our Values

Jesus-Centered Transformation

Our work is centered on the person of Jesus Christ. He is the only reason this ministry exists. It is His work we want to see in the lives of clients, staff, volunteers, donors, churches and anybody else we come in contact with.

Unqualified Compassion

The word used most frequently of Jesus is compassion. We likewise will be marked by a compassion that is not dependent on any behavior. We are open to all regardless of their background, choices or current circumstances.

Redemptive Conviction

We have a willingness to hold fast to convictions about abortion, sexuality, relationships and the like because of what we believe about God and his work in the world. And, we are committed to working out those convictions in a way that produces redemptive outcomes.

Our Leadership

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