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Rally your community around the value of human life. Our online platform makes fundraising a snap.

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Why Fundraise?

A core aspect of our growth in Jesus is sacrificial, generous participation in the work he’s doing in the world. We believe God has brought this ministry into existence to be an extension of his own heart for those that are impacted by sexual brokenness and abortion. By helping us invite others into God’s work, you can experience the joy of participation with Him and encourage the spiritual lives of those we ask to give.

If you want equipping to be even more confident in your asking, consider coming to a First Image Essentials training.

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How It Works

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Set a goal and broadcast why you’re passionate about partnering with First Image.

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Engage your community. Reach out to your loved ones, friends (even strangers!), and urge them to give.

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Donate your birthday, shave your head, host a dance party. Most importantly — have fun!